History of MPD

Manufacturing Performance Days (MPD) has been organized since 2007 in Tampere.

The summit was born out of the need to get the decision-makers in the technology industry to discuss the possibilities of the future.

MPD 2023

The Manufacturing Performance Days 2023 event focused on the theme "Sustainable and Resilient Growth." The discussions revolved around the green and digital transformation, often referred to as the twin transition, which is driven by the megatrend of increasing automation and the use of autonomous systems. These advancements are not only aimed at enhancing productivity but also at transitioning our economies to be fossil-free. The pressing issues of climate change and the volatility of energy markets have underscored the importance of sustainable growth and green investments in the manufacturing sector. The event highlighted that the future challenges and opportunities for manufacturers will depend on further advancements in automation, electrification, battery technology, the circular economy, and extending the life cycle of goods.

MPD since 2007

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