Tampere is a dynamic
and easily accessible city

Tampere is located in Pirkanmaa, Western Finland, only 180 km from the capital Helsinki. At the heart of Tampere, located between Lake Näsijärvi and Lake Pyhäjärvi, is Tammerkoski, which connects the lakes and was used as an energy source for one of the country's first industrial plants, the Finlayson textile factory founded in 1820.

In 1882, the first electric light was lit in Finlayson, making Tampere the fifth city in the world to have electric light. Almost 140 years later, Tampere is still the industrial core of Finland, and it has also grown into an important center for ICT companies. MPD 2023 will be held at Tampere Hall. The venue is located at the heart of the city

How to get to

By Train or by Bus

Tampere railway station is located about 500 meters away from the Tampere Hall.

By Flight

Tampere-Pirkkala international airport is located approximately 17 km away from the city center of Tampere.

By Taxi

Tampereen Aluetaksi Oy, tel +358 100 4131.

Hotels offers for MPDays

Courtyard Tampere City

Central Location for Major Events

Sokos Hotel Torni

Central Location for Major Events

What to do in Tampere

Spend your days in Tampere wandering the historic streets, immersing yourself in its cultural hotspots, and enjoying local experiences like a traditional Finnish sauna.

Tampere City Hall

The current city hall was built in 1890 and was designed by Georg Schreck. This is where the city of Tampere holds an evening reception for MPD guests.

The terraces and market places

Tampere's summer terraces offer a delightful spot to unwind, with vibrant outdoor seating areas overlooking the scenic views of Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi Lakes. The bustling market places in Tampere come alive during the summer, where visitors can explore a variety of local produce and artisan crafts.

Vapriikki Museum Center

Vapriikki is a versatile museum centre located by the Tammerkoski river. You can explore over ten exhibitions all at once. History, natural sciences, and technology. There is also a museum restaurant and a museum shop.